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SunTec Solution for
Credit Cards

Personalize your credit cards program to attract and retain customers

Understanding the Changing Credit Cards and Payments Landscape

The pandemic has been a catalyst for disruption and led to a change in customer behavior. From declining credit card usage to customers expecting hyper-personalized products, rewards and offers, the payments landscape has seen a significant change over the last year and a half. Disruptive payment innovations such as BNPL, contactless cards, e-wallets, or alternative payment options for the underbanked have transformed the landscape further. Credit card issuers are faced with the challenge of retaining existing customers and boosting their credit card usage while attracting new customers through agile offerings that are hyper-personalized to the customer’s context.

Hyper-personalize Your Credit Card Programs with SunTec

Customers today expect higher levels of empathy and to be understood better based on what they seek in terms of their goals, lifestyles, likes, and preferences. You need a solution that offers you the right insights to get to know your customers better and offer products that are relevant to them.

With SunTec, you can position your hyper-personalized credit card program to attract and retain customers and get a higher wallet share by meeting customer expectations. SunTec’s proprietary platform Xelerate can help you deliver agile products, campaigns, offers and loyalty management capabilities. Now extend control to your customers by enabling them to configure their products and benefits. In addition, offer a wider set of products and benefits from a larger partner ecosystem while delivering a seamless customer experience. The platform lets you ensure transparency in your reward systems and enables easier rewards redemption to build loyalty and ensure customer stickiness.

Hear from:

TK Raman

CFO, Finance House (UAE)

Jayakumar Muthumani

Group Head, Financial Planning and Control, Ahli United Bank (Bahrain)

Jay Riche

Partner – Taxation, PWC

With SunTec’s Credit Cards Loyalty and Rewards Solution, benefit from:

Hyper-personalized rewards to enhance customer experiences

Greater flexibility and transparency in offers, billing, statements and benefits

Improved card usage with innovative offerings from a network of service providers

Transparent and intuitive billing and reports

Our Solutions

With SunTec Xelerate, you can dynamically curate products and offers based on insights drawn from customer behavior and their unique needs.

Create targeted and distinctive loyalty programs that are one-of-a-kind with insights that matter. Enable relationship-driven reward programs that foster positive customer financial behavior.

Monetize business ecosystems by partnering with finance as well as non-finance partners. Co-innovate offerings and offer rewards that help increase revenue and profitability.

A Slow Death of Plastic: How Can Banks Stay Top of Wallet?

In recent times, the credit card industry has suffered a setback due to changing customer behavior triggered by the pandemic as well as disruptive innovations such as digital wallets, payment apps and emerging payment models such as BNPL. How can banks and card issuers reimagine their credit cards program to personalize the ‘credit card experience’ for every customer?  Decode your way into the customer’s day-to-day life. Here is a quick guide to help you discover the role of technology and data to propel customer engagement and three ways to re-position your credit card programs effectively.

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