Relationship-based Pricing Management

Bring pricing to the forefront of your customer engagement strategy by creating an enterprise pricing master for fees, rates and charges that win the hearts and minds of your customers.

Why Xelerate?

SunTec’s Relationship-based Billing Management on Xelerate platform complements and significantly augments existing core banking capabilities and enables contextual pricing. As an enterprise pricing master, Xelerate enables fairness, enhances transparency for all stakeholders, improves control and governance and enhances revenue. The rule-based capability further automates the pricing process to provide agility, improve maintainability and allow end-to-end auditability and traceability.

Features of SunTec’s Relationship-based Billing Management


Pricing based on holistic relationship value across customer and customer groups including complex relational conditions


Pricing to the segment of one – contextual and real-time pricing driving highly personalized pricing strategies

Comprehensive Coverage

Unified capability to manage all dimensions of value including fees, charges, rates, benefits (cash and non-cash), commissions, taxes

Agile and Configurable System

Configurable, rule-based pricing allowing for quick launch and change management with reduced launch and operating costs

Enterprise Approach

Enterprise level capability for pricing of all products, services, events and transactions


Reduced risk through real-time analytics driven decision-making, based on insights through rules and persona-based dashboards

Regulatory Compliant

End-to-end auditing with traceability combined with real-time data management enhances regulatory compliance and ensures fairness and transparency

"Enhance customer relationships and improve operational efficiency through differential and automated pricing."

  • Engage and retain customers: Deploy relationship-based pricing, offers and rewards to cater to customer demands and achieve sustainable growth.

  • No more information silos: Achieve customer centricity with the power of data and innovative relationship-based offerings.


Drive customer engagement through hyper-personalized and contextual pricing
Improve customer retention through choice, transparency and fairness for each customer
Enhance agility and flexibility through a unified and enterprise capability for all aspects of pricing
Improve revenue quality through insight-driven decisions, enabling right pricing
Reduce operational risk and cost through automation and enhanced control
Reduce conduct risk and comply to regulatory guidelines through end-to-end auditing, traceability and enhanced controls
Leave the hard work to us. With Xelerate, drive customer engagement and revenue.

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