A Quick Guide for Banks Deploying a VAT Compliance Solution in the GCC​

With more GCC countries introducing VAT and changing regulatory requirements in countries that have already implemented it, banks and financial institutions will need to adopt a proactive approach to ensure compliance. It is critical for banks to understand the complexity of implementing a GCC VAT product and best practices that can aid them in a smooth VAT compliance journey.

In this eBook, we answer some pertinent questions regarding implementing a GCC VAT compliance solution:

  • What are the essentials of a robust VAT system?
  • Should banks buy or build a GCC VAT solution?
  • The difference between a centralized and decentralized implementation approach 
  • What key aspects should banks consider when embarking on a VAT implementation project?

VAT eBook

File name: VAT-eBook.pdf

File size: 6 MB

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